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Raw Really chocolate bonbons

Really Chocolate Bonbons 

I invented this recipe, when I desired to eat something sweet and chocolate! Cause chocolate is sooo yummy and my favorite desert, allways has to be chocolate. I was happy, when I inveted this one, cause it tastes really good and I like it. I hope you'll like it too.

Bonbons- Almonds
                 cocoa powder
                 2 spoons of coconut fat
                 1 spoon of date syrup

Cover-     Cocoa powder
                3 spoons of Coconut fat
                A bit of date syrup

Coconut fat has to be melted, so you can melt it in a hot water. Be patient, cause it takes longer time to melt this fat (especially, when it's really cold). Wet and chopped almonds (takes just couple minutes in the water)  in little pieces, mix with the fat and cocoa powder and date syrup. Form little bonbons. 

Melt the fat and add other ingredients. Cover your bonbons and freeze them for 10 minutes. 

Voila! It's done and sooo good. 

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